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These 3 steps will help you sell more on Confident Cannabis Wholesale

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Have You Taken These 3 Steps to Make Money on Wholesale?

We have a lot of new and exciting tools to help cannabis product providers and buyers find and sell verified, trusted products. In the midst of this bustle, we wanted to take a moment to make sure that our product providers (like you) are taking full advantage of the potential sales waiting in Wholesale.

There are three crucial steps to get buyers to see and purchase your products:
  1. Verify
  2. List Publicly
  3. Price Listings

If you have not done these three critical tasks, you’re missing out on potential sales (cold, but honest).

People are on our platform right now buying cannabis, are they seeing your products?

Let’s find out.


1. Confirm That You Validated Your Brand The Right Way

Note: if you’ve already been verified, skip to #2

With Wholesale live, your tested and approved products will become inventory in the new Wholesale Gallery for buyers to peruse and potentially purchase. However, just because your inventory is in our system does not mean that the sales will come rolling in automatically.  There are a few steps that need to be taken to accept and capitalize on orders for your products coming in from buyers.

First, your company information is not set to show in our Wholesale Gallery by default. In the beginning, only your products and the lab that tested them are visible to buyers. You’ll need to be verified to accept any orders, and for that you need just a few things:

  1. Your metrc API Key
    Easily found in metrc, and can be copied by triple-clicking the long code first
  2. Ensure Correct License Formatting
    Sometimes your license number will appear without the 020- prefix. If that’s the case, click “Add New License” and use your existing license number with 020- in front of it.
  3. License Expiration Date


To get to the verification screen, you can either click here or you can click on the “Wholesale” button now live on the left hand side of your Lab Testing account.


Make sure your metrc API Key and License number info are accurate so you don’t get denied entry to Wholesale. If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to reach out to for assistance.


Buyers are most interested in re-ordering from their current vendors. We know because when we meet with buyers, the first thing they try to do on our platform is search for the vendors they know and trust to see what products are available. Double-check that you successfully completed the steps above so current clients can find your brand.


2. Listing Your Brand Name Publicly

After searching for their favorite vendors directly, the next thing buyers do when logged into our platform is explore the other products they don’t know about in our Wholesale Gallery. Your brand has the potential to be the next big thing, but people have to be able to find you. Buyers will never know you exist if you’re still listed as “Private Vendor” in Wholesale…real talk.

CRITICAL TASK: Under Profile Settings, make sure you are set to visible so buyers see your company name listed on your inventory.


Mid-Way Recap:  Verify w/ Brand Name Set to Public to Reach New Buyers!

Producers and cultivators listed as Private Vendor won’t get as many (or any) purchase order requests compared to the brands listing themselves to be publicly shown in the gallery. If the concern is what you want showing, know that you can still choose which of your inventory is listed…but you will have the most success if your brand name is visible with all inventory.


As you can see, products with the brand name set to Public, and with pricing, it looks more actionable than being Private with unpriced listings.


3. Price Your Listings

There’s one more CRITICAL TASK you can do to ensure you get more sales through Wholesale, which is to price your listings. Buyers want to know what they’re getting into before taking the next step in learning about you. They are far more likely to show interest in a listing that provides the most information about your product—pricing being, perhaps, the most important.

Go to your Stockroom to edit your Inventory. Your latest tested products from labs that work with Confident Cannabis will appear. You’ll want to edit each of these to add pricing.


For each inventory item, click “ADD PRICING & QUANTITY”


Now set your pricing based on either your Weight Based Products (lb. of flower, oz. of live resin) or Each Based Products (case of gummies or topicals). Set the quantity for this inventory item.


Remember! No orders are final or guaranteed based on the listings. This is just a starting point to get conversations going, and buyers know this as well. You might set a hard price you can’t back down from, or there might be a little wiggle room to discuss with the interested buyer…that’s up to you. What this does is set a starting point for negotiations to begin.


Our conclusion here is quite simple…

Verified + Listed Publicly + Priced Products = $ $ $

Not Verified + Private + No Price = ☹☹☹


Just think like a buyer (you might even be one if you’ve ever made a purchase). We all want to find products that fit a set of parameters, and we don’t have all the time in the world to waste on making sure each vendor’s product fits those parameters. If we can go with a brand we know—or a new one we find with clearly listed information—that has a price listed within our budget, then let the sales commence!

Again, please stay in touch with us if you have any troubles along the way. You can just reply to this email or hit up support directly.
Happy Selling!

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