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What’s in a Strain: Thanksgiving Pairing Menu Edition

what's in a strain

Thanksgiving is one of the most looked forward to meals of the year. With cannabis prohibition ending around the country, we wanted to prepare you a tasting menu to pair the best strains with the most popular dishes.


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Golden Goat:

Pair with Golden Goat for a complement of flavors by creating contrast. The sweet citrus flavors of this strain, from the high myrcene, limonene, and terpinolene, create a generous contrast to the savory flavors of the dish, with the peppery and herbal notes from the caryophyllene and linalool complimenting any herbs or pepper in the baste/stuffing.

Grandaddy Purp:

Two things stand out that make Grandaddy Purps a great companion to cranberry sauce: a tart fruit component coupled with a bitter pine. The Myrcene and beta-pinene provide the tart and sweet, with the alpha-pinene in heavy amounts bringing that bitterness that is so characteristic of good, natural cranberry sauce.


Eat your stuffing with a side of Harlequin for a smooth CBD liftoff, with flavors of earthiness and minerality coming from the beta-caryophyllene, humulene, and other terpenes like ocimene to match the salts and fats of the stuffing.

Forum Cut GSC:

Pumpkin pie is spicy, full of cinnamon and clove flavor. One of the best compliments in cannabis comes from GSC strains (previously known as Girl Scout Cookies), particularly the Forum Cut GSC. The very dominant beta-caryophyllene profile brings the pumpkin pie spice, with added notes of limonene and linalool to round out the flavor.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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