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Women in Cannabis: Aster Farms

women in cannabis

This month we are happy to tell you about Julia Jacobson, CEO of Aster Farms.

Julia is a powerhouse cannabis producer who really cares about the role of women in our burgeoning industry.

As we began to research Julia’s cannabis career we couldn’t have been more impressed. Her professional experience creating a marketing company from the ground up helped Aster survive the Mendocino fire. In August she went into more detail about how the fire became Aster’s most successful achievement.

“Our farm burned down completely and it took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to push through and get back up and operating. A year ago, we were burning to the ground, today we’re in 35 dispensaries and delivery services all across California,”  Julia via Green Market Report.

When Dope Magazine spoke with Julia she mentioned that going through a tech incubator and having her company bought out and continuing to work at the company really let her feel the double standard on how women are treated in tech. She says it’s better in cannabis but admits the bar is set low.

We asked  Julia how women fit in the cannabis industry:

“The cannabis industry has more women in high level positions than most other industries and this is crucial for us to acknowledge and work to maintain. I believe we are seeing the result of having women in power by the messaging and branding we’re seeing in the cannabis space. If you look at the brands emerging in CA, there are very few relying on sex to sell their products. Most cannabis brand messaging is about wellness, self care, exploration and creativity. This is a big difference from the alcohol and tobacco industries which were built primarily by men.”

It is definitely true that there’s a difference in cannabis brands and how they tell their story. Especially when women are involved in the storytelling. We are seeing less of the sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll that you see in other adult industries. Women are learning to practice self-care. Women take care of the emotional labor at work and home and are learning to take time for self-care.

One way to take care of yourself is by using cannabis, especially those products made by women.

 “Aster Farms grows for the conscious consumer who wants clean cannabis for a clean high. Women have been leaders in sustainability and pushing companies to disclose what’s in their products for years – both through controlling household purchasing and through activism. At Aster Farms, we value transparency and use all natural inputs to ensure our consumer is getting the cleanest, safest product around.”

Organic and clean farming are a focus of Julia and Aster. In fact, we read several times that Julia only smokes bud because she believes it’s the purest and safest way to ingest cannabis. You can read more about Aster Farm’s growing techniques and their vision for the crops at

We asked Julia what she’s working on now. Her answer was super interesting. Ice Water Hash Infused Pre Rolls.

Who doesn’t want to toke on that?

Julia Jacobson, CEO of Aster Farms

As CEO of Aster Farms, Julia brings an expertise in entrepreneurship, supply chain management and business development to the Aster team. Her personal interest in cannabis is rooted in her battle with chronic migraines, incorporating the plant with her prescribed routine to mitigate symptoms, balance equilibrium and chart a healthy course. Julia develops Aster’s high-level vision, ensuring the team is two steps ahead as the company scales. Prior to Aster Farms Julia was co-founder and CEO of NMRKT, an affiliate marketing platform for content providers. She led the company through Techstars and it’s acquisition by XO Group in 2016, where she went on to become the Director of National Revenue Products. Julia’s career began as a buyer for Bloomingdale’s, giving her a solid foundation in retail and supply chain economics. Today, Julia continues to be a mentor to Techstars and to young entrepreneurs in many fields.

Let us know who you’d like to hear about next!

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