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The Powerful Feature You Aren’t Taking Advantage Of—Relationship Alerts


At Confident Cannabis we’re always working hard to develop the tools and resources you need to run your business more effectively. Our recently launched Relationships feature is no exception. 

“The relationships feature delivers even more of the key data that our users need to streamline their operations, boost their sales, and cultivate stronger relationships. At Confident Cannabis, it’s always our goal to bring trust and transparency to the cannabis industry, so we can all thrive confidently together,” said Confident Cannabis founder and CEO Steve Albarran.

Alerts are a premium feature available to all Relationships subscribers. Subscribers already have access to their latest balances for outgoing packages — now you can create email alerts for when a Metrc package’s quantity falls below a par level you choose.

Both vendors and retailers can benefit from the insights they can gain from Relationships. Keep reading to learn more about this valuable new feature.


How Relationships Works

Through the Relationships feature, suppliers can get a view of the current balance levels of sold products at their buyer’s facilities or stores. They can set up email alerts to get notified when a product falls below a given threshold so they never miss out on a restock opportunity. They also get a full overview of all the transfers they have made with that customer as well as CRM tools to help them manage the relationship. 

Retailers on the other hand can easier communicate with their suppliers to make sure they always have the inventory they need when they need it.  Retailers can collaborate with suppliers through shared data to better forecast demand and plan their inventory more strategically. 

Relationships also acts as a relationship management tool and provides users with what they need to gain insight into their relationships so they can better manage them and strengthen them.

The powerful alerts feature is fully customizable — you can choose to set up alerts in a number of ways, here are some examples:

  • One buyer account in particular (“Tell me when any of my products at Sally’s dispensary dip below 100 grams”)
  • A particular transfer (“Tell me when this specific Metrc package from last week only has 2.5 pounds left”)

These alerts will help you get ahead of restock opportunities and help you save countless phone calls (meaning time!) and give your buyer an elegant, easier experience working with you. All of which can help you stand out in a crowded and competitive space. After all — account management is the new loyalty marketing. 


How Suppliers Benefit

As a brand or distributor, you are alway looking to understand how your products are selling in store and maximize shelf space. On the other side, your retailer partners need trusted vendors to be able to rely on for products which represent their brand and meet the desires of their customers. 

Confident Cannabis Wholesale helps both parties by making it easy for your retailers to share retail sales and inventory data with you so you can grow your businesses together. Empower your sales reps with a real-time view of cannabis retail sales and store inventory all while enabling them to build strong relationships with dispensaries. 

These are the benefits suppliers who are Relationship subscribers can expect to enjoy. 

Vendor-driven reordering

Ensure that you are right-sizing shipments and a consistent stock is available while helping your retail partner optimize their cash flow and inventory carry.

Save time and money

Smarten up your sales process and reduce needless phone calls and visits to dispensaries. 

Empower your team

Help your team make customers happy with at-a-glance insight into how products are selling, across your full range of retailers. 

Easy, one-time retailer setup

Retailers sign up in just a few steps. All they need to share their data is their license and Metrc API Key – no need to re-verify their license again!

When you take advantage of everything the Relationships has to offer, you can easily stay on top of your restock needs, see what products are selling best for you, better plan your inventory, and gain valuable insights into where your products sell best so you can better target your marketing and sales efforts. 


How Retailers Benefit

Let your suppliers know exactly what you need, when you need it. Wholesale makes it easy for retailers to collaborate with their long-term suppliers through shared data to better forecast demand and keep their shelves stocked at all times with just the right amount of product without disrupting their existing order process.

Retailers will enjoy the following benefits when they become Relationship subscribers

Sell more and avoid stockouts

Simplify reordering and get proactive vendor support with promotions on slower moving items.

Save time and money

Optimize cash flow and inventory carry, and reduce needless phone calls and visits from your vendors.

Empower your team

Help your team make customers happy with at-a-glance insight into how products are selling, across your full range of suppliers. 

Easy, one-time setup

Sign up in just a few steps using this form. Verify your license(s) using your Metrc API Key – no need to re-verify your license again!


Want to find out more about how to use Relationships to your advantage? Contact your Confident Cannabis sales rep today!

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