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Confident Cannabis Presents: The Cultivation Classic

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“The most scientifically rigorous cannabis competition on the planet.” – Dr. Adie Poe, Habu Health

The Confident Cannabis team just returned from Portland, OR, where we participated as sponsors in the most scientifically rigorous cannabis cultivation competition in the region: The Cultivation Classic. We had the honor of announcing the winners of the most hotly contested awards: the Type 1, 2, and 3 awards for the best THC, CBD, and Balanced strains in Indoor, Outdoor, and Mixed growing methods.

We have posted the data and results of each competition strain (including the winners!) in our Gallery, so you can learn what made each of these strains so special. Feel free to click around and see all the data we have on the testing results of each strain, and you can compare them to the winners to see what made them different!

Gallery of Competition Strains

Below is the gallery of all the strains that were entered into the competition, including the winners. You can click on this gallery to scroll through all 156 strains and click through to their individual results. Winners are shown with awards badges in the thumbnail. Feel free to share the results pages, especially if the strain featured was grown by you or your company!

Our co-founder and CEO Steve Albarran got to announce the names of each of the winners. You can see a picture he took afterwards of the winner envelopes below.

Were you at the Cultivation Classic? If so, did you get to see our Wholesale Platform demo at the Confident Cannabis booth? If not, you can view the video here.

Retailers, Dispensaries and Producers!!! We need your help and feedback. To be considered for Alpha testing our platform before we launch our Beta program later this summer, click here and let us know!

From left to right: Amos Elberg, Dr. Adie Poe [photo bomb], Hannah O’Brien, Brad Bogus, Steve Albarran

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