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4/20 Best Practices for Dispensaries

These 4/20 best practices will help your dispensary make the most of the holiday!

With all the fun that 4/20 brings to the table, it’s easy to forget about the small details that will make the holiday a prime sales day for dispensaries. While planning flashy promotions and in-store events may be more exciting than perfecting your staffing schedule, getting ready for the logistics of operating on 4/20 can make a huge difference in the customer experience and how productive and profitable the holiday is. Dispensaries who want the day (and the days leading up) to go as smoothly as possible should brush up on these 4/20 best practices. 

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Have the Right Inventory on Hand

Making sure you’re stocked up the right way takes a bit of pre-planning, but is one of the best ways to boost your 4/20 sales. There is going to be a lot of competition in the cannabis marketplace on 4/20 and you’ll want your stock to stand out. Remember, customers don’t just want cannabis. Consider stocking up on accessories and brand merchandise that may catch their eye and help increase their basket size. When you’re planning your 4/20 promotions, try to bundle products together in a way that will really benefit your sales goals. You can offer 2-for-1 promotions to help boost your customer’s basket size or you can bundle slow-moving stock with your best-selling inventory to offload products you were having trouble moving.

Schedule Your A Team

This 4/20 best practice may seem like an everyday best practice (and it is), but it is more important than ever to schedule your “A team” staff on 4/20 and the busy days leading up to the holiday. You’ll want to schedule the staff members that are most informative, have strong customer service skills, and who don’t get overwhelmed by crowds. If you’re unsure of what type of crowds you’ll attract, consider having some staff on standby in case you realize you need an extra set of hands at the last minute. 

Double Check Your Tech

The last thing you’ll want to worry about when managing crowds and long lines is tech issues. Before 4/20, do a test run of all of your technology. Double check that your promotions are configured into the point of sales software (POS) and tested thoroughly so there are no delays at checkout. If necessary, provide extra training for your staff to confirm they know how to use your POS and know what your 4/20 promotions are. You might even want to get a mobile hotspot device to ensure you have internet access even if your wi-fi goes down. Keeping things running smoothly will make the holiday more enjoyable for you and your customers who probably don’t want to wait in unnecessarily long lines caused by technical glitches. 

Encourage Online Sales

Social distancing measures are going to make it even more difficult to manage a crowded store this 4/20, but luckily more and more customers are open to ordering online and doing curbside pickups than they were pre-pandemic. Our friends at I Heart Jane have great tools to power online orders. If you offer these services, start alerting your customers via social media and email marketing about your convenient offerings. Try to boost awareness around your online ordering and curbside pickup options to ensure that your customers are actually aware of these offerings. That way, you can manage crowds easier and they can skip long lines if they know exactly what they want to purchase. 

Hire Security

Hiring security is a 4/20 best practice that can help you avoid running into trouble. Not only can security assist with crowd control, but the right security staff can help you stay in compliance. Alongside surveillance efforts, they can aid you in checking customer IDs to make sure you’re not accidentally servicing underaged consumers. When your store is extra crowded, it can be easy to let age limit checks slip through the cracks, but having security confirm ages for you as the customers walk through the door can be immensely helpful. 

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