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Meet the Confident Cannabis Team: Chris Fisher


Confident Cannabis has some of the best employees in the world. Are we biased? Maybe. This feature will introduce you to our talented staff and give you an insight into our company culture. This week meet account manager Chris Fisher.

I once spent 100 days riding a bike 4000 miles across the country, but eventually, I had to pay back student loans. Work experience is just that, an experience; an unconventional path has lead me to delivering organic soup by bike, guiding raft trips down Oregon rivers, and cultivating sun-grown cannabis in the middle of nowhere Washington. Leave me alone with a joint of Hindu Kush, chips and salsa, I will eat it all. If professional bios are more your flavor, connect with me on LinkedIn.

5 serious questions for Chris Fisher:

    What is your day-to-day like at Confident Cannabis?

Right now, I’m spending time getting to know the people, companies, and culture of the Oregon cannabis industry. I like to think that my days will be spent on making people’s day-to-day lives easier.

    Cannabis is an emerging market. What excited you about joining the industry?

The idea of leaving a positive imprint on such a new industry is intriguing. The cannabis industry is developing its core of values and influencers, so it feels right helping to build an ethos that is centered around responsibility and collaboration, and contributing in a way that helps the greatest number of people succeed.

    Confident Cannabis thrives on transparency. What does that transparency mean to you?

Transparency is taking the path of honesty and responsibility, even when you don’t directly benefit. Communicating what is true at all times and especially in difficult moments. I believe that transparency evolves into collaboration and results in a sustainable environment.

    What has been your favorite moment at work?

Two moments have been equally great… First, the day that I first met my fellow Oregon AEs. I immediately recognized the synergy this group was capable of achieving. A very humble and driven group of people! Second, our CEO was showing his gratitude for our team’s diligence throughout an intentionally tough hiring process. He made the comment, “It’s really difficult to get hired here, but it’s more difficult to get fired.” This reaffirmed all of the reasons I was excited about joining a company like Confident Cannabis.

    What’s been your most #StartUpLife moment?

So far, it has been this radiant feeling that what I’m joining is contributing to something that people want but haven’t found. When they find it…!!!

5 silly questions:

    There exists a divide in the office. Are you pro or anti peanut butter?

PB&J’s for life! Also, a toasted PB, banana, and captain crunch sandwich!!!

    What’s your dream/fantasy job?

Working remotely from Costa Rica (so I can surf and eat avocados/seafood every day!) and returning to the states to deliver speeches at conferences like SXSW. I imagine I would be speaking about my experiences in the cannabis industry with the intent of nurturing and shifting people’s thoughts about the importance of maintaining a collaborative and ethical industry.

What was the last gift you gave someone?

I gave the coolest little toy octopus to my newborn nephew. It’s bright blue, super soft organic cotton, with tentacles that curl in. Also, I sent him a giraffe comfort toy that connects to his binky (pacifier)!

    Do you have any hobbies?

I really enjoy rock climbing, surfing, cycling, disc golf, and spending the day walking around the city.

    If you had to name yourself after an existing strain of cannabis, which would you choose?

Laughing Buddha

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Meet the Confident Cannabis Team: Chris Fisher


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