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Notice Regarding Sequoia Analytical Pesticides Incident

As you may know, Sequoia Analytical announced that they falsified pesticide results for several samples they tested between July 1 and November 27. The BCC is aware and Sequoia has surrendered their license to perform compliance testing until further notice.

Confident Cannabis became aware of this deeply troubling news this weekend via Instagram (Sequoia’s post is displayed below). On Monday this week, we let the BCC know we saw the news and provided the BCC with a spreadsheet of all the pesticide samples tested by Sequoia since July 1st 2018, highlighting which were specifically tested for compliance purposes.

In total, there were 17 clients and 849 samples affected.

Confident Cannabis has suspended Sequoia’s account, and will not reinstate it until we feel comfortable they have taken steps to remedy the situation internally, with their clients, consumers, and the State of California.

In the meantime, please let us know how we may be helpful to recover from this very disappointing and disruptive development. You can send an email to us at


Confident Cannabis Team

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