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The Future of Cannabis Retail

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Why Confident Cannabis joined 8 other cannabis companies to create a visionary short film.

Confident Cannabis was presented recently with a unique opportunity; to join 8 other leading cannabis companies to share our vision of the future of the cannabis industry from seed to sale through a creative short film. This project was more compelling than just sharing these thoughts on another conference panel, and we decided to jump in.

The film ended up so much more amazing than we could ever imagine. It’s not your typical corporate promotional video. Rather, it’s an inspirational poem performed by a talented actor. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s probably not what you expect. You can watch and share it here.



We created this to showcase the video online and at a live exhibit during the MJBizCon NEXT conference in New Orleans, where it was formatted to display within an encapsulated dome, like a planetarium on the trade show floor. Attendees had a unique, sometimes magical experience watching the film, and we hope you will too!

You can see some of the first available shots of our wholesale platform in the video. As mentioned, the video is not promotional, so keep your eyes peeled for our platform.

Why did Confident Cannabis get involved?

This film represents the vision we have for the industry’s future, where companies operate with transparency, utilizing data and technology to provide the highest quality experience at the retail level. Retail experience isn’t just designed in the space itself; it is fashioned through the combined efforts across the organization, from how stores choose the best products for their shelves to how brands inform their customers of what’s in their product.

Future of Cannabis Retail Partners

Confident Cannabis joined with 8 other companies that service each aspect of the retail experience. We all came together to produce this visionary film, with the aim to showcase to the industry what level we should be playing at, and to push us forward towards that inevitability.

Below you can explore all the partners that made this happen and what role they play in the Future of Cannabis Retail movement, or you can read about our success in AdWeek, here.

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