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Oregon Market Report: Farms are Harvesting Early! 😲

oregon market report

Spring showers may bring May flowers but a cold summer with heavy rain brings the possibility of mold to the outdoor grow.

Some farms are concerned at early signs of mold in their grow and are planning to harvest and cure early to combat the issue. 

Since part of the harvest is happening earlier, the outdoor flower will hit the market sooner. We expect the majority of the grow to go to distillate, but with the evolving vape crisis story and the summer rain, the outcome is unpredictable. We will be watching these developments closely and keep you up to date with changes in the market.

How does this stabilize flower, though? Good question. Some flower is harvested early, much of it being processed into distillate, and tapering into the market over a few weeks instead of all at once. This will stabilize flower pricing by preventing a large dump of heavy outdoor volume into the market, which typically crashes the value of the crop. We don’t expect this will happen this season.

Stable pricing and the possibility of cheaper, high-quality distillate will continue the trend of a healthy and thriving Oregon market.

We’re seeing some upward movement in price in September as seen below:


  • Indoor Avg. top reported pricing skyrocketed and is now $1,000 /lb to  $1,800 /lb
  • Indoor Top Shelf ranges between $1,800 to $2,400
  • Outdoor is rising to meet indoor prices at $800 – $1000

Fresh Frozen:

  • $40 to $150/lb for FF-Bud
  • < $80/lb for FF-Trim


  • Old Trim: $50-150
  • For use in Distillate: $25-50
  • Sugarleaf/for Live Resin: $50-150


  • Distillate: $5-6/g +80% THC
  • Isolate: $3,000/kg
  • .5g Carts: $9-14/cart



Pro Tip: People will be buying up the outdoor harvest fast. Call or email your account executive to make sure you get the exact products you need from harvest.

In Hot Demand: Pre-rolls and mixed-pack pre-rolls.  We’ve seen a rising demand for these items, so email us today if you have stock available. 


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