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What’s in a Strain: Permafrost

what's in a strain

The Strain: Permafrost


With the holidaze around the corner and winter already in full swing, we’re writing this week’s strain education about Permafrost. Bred by Rogue Growers this hybrid, from parents Trainwreck and White Widow is named for its thick, frosty coat of trichomes and fresh pine aroma. This elevating and uplifting strain creates the warmth and relaxation one might seek during the cold winter months.


The Chemistry: Permafrost


Permafrost has a hearty green color underneath some light green sugar leaves, covered in an icy-white frost of trichomes. Curling throughout the buds there is pale, brassy orange pistils. Permafrost has about 20% THC, about the same as the average strain. This strain also possesses CBG, the sought after “stem cell” cannabinoid. The top terpenes, provided by Connect, include Beta-Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Alpha-Pinene. This strain has a heavy pungent aroma, smelling of herbal and spicy pine. Its flavor, while similar to its aroma, is also accompanied by an earthy hint that is reminiscent of fallen pine cones. A sweet and smooth woody aftertaste with hints of spice makes Permafrost a cozy delight. 

The Aroma:

Alpha-Pinene: Pine needles, Floral Pine, Sweet

Beta-Caryophyllene: Cinnamon spice, baking spices

Myrcene: Sour funky mango


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