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NEW: Confident Cannabis API Integration Capabilities

Confident Cannabis API integrations make it super easy to connect with your favorite software!

Confident Cannabis is thrilled to announce our new API integration capabilities. Now the thousands of Confident Cannabis clients like you can integrate Confident Cannabis with any software tool you like. Our integrations allow you to automatically transfer your lab test data anywhere you want it, in real time. 

Want to try one for yourself? You can request an integration here!

The cannabis supply chain  is very fragmented and opaque, with very little information about the thousands of operators and their inventory. In other words, no one really knows what’s being made, who makes it, and what it’s made of. 

That’s why we made our mission at Confident Cannabis to simplify wholesale testing and trade to help bring trust and transparency to the cannabis industry. We do this by providing lab testing and wholesale marketplace software with a compliant payments solution – and now, expansive API integration capabilities with the entire cannabis ecosystem. With these tools, we strive to empower cannabis operators with the highest quality information about the deepest pool of supply in the industry.

We’ve already deployed integrations with several software systems used by the industry, such as PayQuick (payments), QuickBooks (accounting), Agrify (cultivation management) and Kanha (inventory management) – and are actively working on many more. These integrations with key partners helps us continue to build out a robust platform that provides our users with the tools and data they want and need. 

The Benefits of API & Integration Capabilities

What we do is surprisingly simple. We aim to give our users the data they need to run their cannabis businesses the right way. Integrating datasets across the ecosystem breaks down silos and provides users with detailed information that can help them create better products and run their business more efficiently and effectively. 

“Everyone at Confident Cannabis is extremely excited about the potential these integrations have to offer,” Confident Cannabis Co-Founder and CEO Steve Albarran said, “I believe they’ll make running a cannabis business more productive, simpler, and effective for our users. We’re always working on developing new technologies that will help our users achieve their business goals.”

Click here to learn more about utilizing Confident Cannabis integrations to make running your business easier and more efficient!

Take a Closer Look at Our Integrations

Want to know more about where Confident Cannabis integrations can take you? Here’s a closer look at four of our newest ones! By the way, these integrations are just the start. 


ConfidentCannabis’s integration with PayQwick™ provides you and your customers with seamless and secure online payments for Wholesale invoices. You can receive payments electronically while streamlining your receivables, payables, and reporting.

QuickBooks Online®

Our integration with QuickBooks Online® allows Sellers to sync Wholesale invoices to QuickBooks Online® with just one click. They can send their Order invoices to QuickBooks® and easily pass information from their sales team to their accounting department. Currently, our new integration is included in the Basic & Pro plans. 


Our new integration with Agrify™ will help cannabis cultivators seamlessly merge Confident Cannabis lab data with Agrify Insights™, allowing them to augment and improve their processes and to optimize the chemical composition of plants while cultivating at scale. 


Our integration with Kanha, a leading cannabis and CBD manufacturing CMS system, enables you to seamlessly integrate Confident Cannabis’ lab data and Certificates of Analysis with Kanha’s inventory records.

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