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What’s in a Strain: Jack Frost

what's in a strain

Jack Frost Strain Cannabis Nug

The Strain: Jack Frost


Joyful and frosty like the first days of winter, this strain is  ideal to cozy up with this holiday season. Developed and perfected by Goldenseed over a five year period. This is a potent byproduct of Jack Herer, Northern Lights, and White Widow. Jack Frost is a well-balanced hybrid, with a fluffy, dry, and delicate feel. This variety is perfect for when you need a mood adjustment but still want to be able to do things with a clear head. So if you need to go shopping for gifts, are wrapping presents, or are in charge of cooking the ham or latkes for the family, you might need Jack Frost close by. 


The Chemistry:


Nugs have a beautiful bright green color coated thickly with frosty white trichomes. The nugs are representative of Holiday trees that recently received a fresh dusting of snow. The top terpenes provided by Connect by Confident Cannabis are, Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene, and Pinene. Jack Frost has an aroma of earthy citrus leaving a sweet-smelling cloud upon exhale. The flavor is similar to its aroma, earthy, with hints of citrus at first, it then finishes off with a sweetness of added tang and zest. 


Jack Frost is especially useful as a social strain because of its uplifting and euphoric effects. This strain will have you feeling elevated, yet calm in your demeanor. If you need to have your spirits lifted during this holiday season, Jack Frost is the perfect companion to help you get there. Remember that every strain creates different results for each user.


The Aroma:


Beta-Caryophyllene: Cinnamon, baking spices

Limonene: Citrus

Myrcene: Sour funky mango

Pinene: Pine needles

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